Coconut Club

When you walk into St. Maarten Cafe, one of the first things you’ll notice is the hundreds of solid pewter mugs hanging under and behind the bar. Those mugs belong to members of the Coconut Club.

At Maartens, we pride ourselves on providing food and service that keeps our customers coming back over and over again. That’s why the Coconut Club was introduced nearly twenty-five years ago.

Members of the Coconut Club are our most loyal customers. We have proven to them that we care about them as customers and they’ve proven to us that they want to keep coming back for more! Because of their loyalty, Coconut Club members are given the opportunity to purchase a solid pewter mug that is personalized to them. We keep the mug here in the restaurant and chill it when the owner walks in the door.

Over the years, the Coconut Club has grown to over 3,000 members. Once someone is a member of the club, they are members for life. On football weekends, you will often see alumni walking down the corner with their mugs in hand, headed for Maartens.

In addition to the 18oz mug, Coconut Club members receive additional food and drink specials daily and a complimentary Reese’s Brownie Sundae on their birthday.

Note: If you’re a member of the Coconut Club, are coming back to town for any event and your mug has been put in storage, send us an email at and include you name, mug number, instription and when you need it and we’ll be happy to have it brought in and ready for your arrival!